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Meanwhile, place the olive oil in a large pot over medium heat and cook the carrot, celery onion and tarragon until vegetables begin to soften, about five minutes, stirring frequently. I felt they were all staring at me although they weren’t – it was just a bunch of words flittering around me as I twitched and floated in my own space. And that’s what made me hate it most in that moment. And a night I was so excited about; having a triple date – parents out without kids, a new combination of people.Luckily‚ Twitter detectives didn’t have to do too much digging.A message posted on Thato’s Twitter account on Sunday night revealed that the lovebirds were officially an item.If none was provided at object construction, a default formatter is used.In that case the method will return a Callable type object.The formatting function is called by Date Time method Str with the invocant as its only argument.Returns the week number (1..53) of the date specified by the invocant.

They’re not just tasty, they’re a low-fat source of protein — one leg has about 25 grams of protein, and a whole host of vitamins and minerals (including sodium, incidentally, so a heads-up if you are watching salt), but only a couple of grams of fat. So my strategy is to buy them for a date night with my husband instead of going out to dinner.

But here is the secret I want to tell you about today: after you’ve enjoyed that restaurant-quality meal at home, keep those shells.

Because you can get a whole second crab-dish from that one purchase by making crab bisque the next day.

(Or, stick shells in a freezer bag and freeze them for a couple of weeks, if you want to space out the crab meals.) Tossing the shells in a hot oven for just a couple of minutes brings out a roasty-crab aroma that will create quick depth of flavor for a speedy homemade stock, even if you don’t have a ton of shells.

(Cheat sheet tip: You can also boost the flavor by adding a little bottle clam juice to your stock.) The stock can then be added to a simple roux, a little sherry and a bit of low-fat evaporated milk for a creamy, satisfying soup that tastes fattier and more expensive than it is.

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